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Comic 86 - Mosquito

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26th Sep 2017, 10:21 PM


I dunno if you still take stories, but...here's one of mine if you're interested:

When I was four or five, I fell into a swimming pool. I wasn't scared or worried that I couldn't breathe or anything; just in wonder that no one had noticed right away. The clearest memory of have of that day is looking up and seeing the world go on without me, perfectly fine. Someone was even laughing up there. Then my aunt splashed in to save me, and instead of comforting me, my mother began to scold me for falling in and making her sister have to fetch me. That was when I began to cry. Whether it was gravity of the situation hitting me or being scolded for something I hadn't wanted to do, I'm still not sure, but every once in a while I'll jolt awake from a recurring dream in which I can hear people laughing and I cannot breathe or speak.

Again, sorry if this is the wrong place for submitting stories or if you aren't taking them anymore. I adore your work, and your fascination with stories from people like me. I'm very happy you illustrate them and get people's stories out. Thank you.

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