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Comic 102 - Uncomfortable Trivia #3: The Alexanders

Uncomfortable Trivia #3: The Alexanders
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9th Jun 2018, 8:55 PM



"Uncomfortable" is NOT a strong enough word for these, by far


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One more thing in life that cannot be unseen.

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I remember a night mare i had where i walked into an abandoned and decrepit building with these tear drop shaped white creatures
The sharp tip was their face and they were kind of fat, they had rabbit ears that looked like ribbon that had been crushed and stubby digging like paws
They had no facial features until i got too close
Suddenly they had a mouth one that took up the whole front end of their body, with huge disproportionate sharp teeth
I couldn't even run it was like my feet were glued to the floor
They attacked me and i couldn't scream
Then suddenly i could move and i ran pulling them off me but i couldn't outrun them
One jumped on my neck and bit into my throat
I woke up feeling its bite
I now know what it feels like to have fangs in your throat

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