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Comic 101 - Bangs

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30th May 2018, 12:05 AM


i dunno if you even uhh still take stories like this or if youre booked all the way up, but here goes

when i was a kid, i had extremely strict and unforgiving, yet totally uncaring parents. at times they'd forget i existed, and at other times they'd swing at me for being alive
this caused a myriad of problems for me now, paranoia anxiety etc. but it took me a while to realize just how little they actually cared. a sad note, yeah, but its true. i always had problems feeling like i was a ghost or something. never had friends at school, never noticed at home, adapted to doing everything so quietly no one would notice, to not be a burden. it was my birthday, none of the 2 friends id made at the time remembered, nor my parents. but the most shocking thing, the thing i still remember to this day. as a replacement gift for "were so sorry we missed it or whatever" they left on the counter a bottle of pain killers with a yellow sticky note saying "happy birthday, be back soon" they came home 3 days later, drunk. to this day, every time i think about it, i still cry a little.

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I'm sorry you went through this. I'e added it to the roster. Thank you for sharing.

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