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Comic 106 - Groceries

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18th Aug 2018, 9:01 AM



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This made me laugh so hard omg

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My cat just died today. We've had her for 18 years. Last night ahe was having trouble going to the bathroom and was puking a lot. She peed a lot too and hadn't eaten for at least 2 days. We took her to the vet today and the vet told us she was really dehydrated and only 4 lbs and that to keep her alive would mean a lot of tests and medication, on top of her thyroid meds she was as already taking. She hates her medicine. I had to come to the dccision that it was time. I held her for a few more minutes and just listend to her pyrr for the last time as I pet her. They took her to the back and prepped her and I stayed for it. I kissed her one last time and then they gave her the administration.
She's gone and I can't believe it.

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I guess to add on to this is that going home later I couldn't get the image of her body jusr, slumping over when they injected her out of mind. It still keep@ going through my mind. And I kept finding her stuff, and it wouldmake me cry again, I've been crying all day. And it's weird though what reminds me of her, such as the treat of some chicken we had in the fridge for her and that I would find myself leaving my room looking for her. My mom has now moved all of her stuff so I don't keep seeing it.

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