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Great Aunt Therese
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1st Sep 2018, 9:45 AM


I came back from vacation today in Colorado and a couple days ago I saw something at our hotel in Colorado Springs. Or rather my mom did. She pointed out this "couple" passing by us as they left the complimentary breakfast. It was a young girl hugging a guy from behind who had to be in his 30s or 40s. She was walking with as she was hugging him, not letting go. My mom said she had been sitting on his lap kissing him while he ate. My mom said the way she clung to him implied an abusive or dependent relationship. I'm not so sure about that, but I am sure of one thing.
There was no way that girl was even 16.

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Hello, I want to submit a story for bunny meat I hope I am submitting for bunny meat at the right place if not I am sorry. This is based on a true story that happened to me in elementary school. If you do decide to make this into a comic thank you if not I understand thank you for reading it.

Almost kidnapped

When I was in the first grade around the year 1996 my parents where late picking me up so I had to wait inside the school just outside the principles office. I was just sitting there when two guys came in and said hi and then said my name they then told the vice principal that they were babysitters and that my mom asked them to pick me up. I did not recognize either one of the men and I told the vice principal I did not know who these people were and then I asked the principal if either of my parents called them to tell them that somebody was picking me up. She said no and then the men kept saying trying to convince me that I knew them and then she tells them that they can take me now. I, of course, was getting scared and I was trying to tell her that I did not know these people and that if my parents did get somebody to pick me up they would have called principals office first but she did not listen she thought since they knew my name that they must have known my parents. And then both men grabbed both of my hands and walked me outside I was, of course, was crying and screaming luckily just five steps out of the school my parents drove up and my mom rushed out of the car towards us. Screaming what are you doing they then stopped and tried to explain that my mom asked them to pick me up she then yelled I am her mother I then finally got free from there grip and then I hide behind my mom grabbing her hand and gave both men a nasty glare. They then stuttered an apology and tried to explain that they must have mistaken me for somebody else's kid and that there were part of a babysitting service but before my mom got any more information from them they ran to there van and drove off. My mom then hugged me and asked if I was alright and what happened once I told her she took me and marched right into the school and yelled at the vice principal. They tried to look to see if they could find any information about the men but they could not find anything, not even the babysitting company they supposedly worked at so it is most likely they were indeed kidnappers. Luckily I never saw them again but I still wonder sometimes like did they just hear my name around the school and that's how they knew my name and that's why they did not recognize my mom and if so where they waiting for me after school. None of us now but we do know one thing that the vice principal was an idiot.

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