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Comic 111 - Guillotine

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9th Oct 2018, 1:05 PM


I have a story to share, what's your email so I can send it.

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Send me a note here!

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Rip that guy

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So do we pm you a story or just write it in the comments

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Ack- scary!

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just put the author as "Anonymous"

The file that didn't exist
So we have an older computer, and it was reset from a pawn shop. It runs windows 10, and it's a smaller laptop. One time, I ended the process of an unresponsive word file, and suddenly, a file appeared. It was hidden, but I had the settings on visible hidden files, which I think is default, but I could be wrong. It was called ~$16 Narrative Writing Prompt and the original was 2.16 Narrative Writing Prompt. I was doing that because I had to have it for some work on school. I was pretty confused, but I think because I was attempting to open that, I had to close out the aforementioned other word file because it froze. At first, I assumed it was a recovery log. I had a virus on a different computer once, and Minecraft had a recovery log, and it concluded everything was okay. I opened it, but it said something along the lines of "This file is probably corrupted." So I decided to scan it, to make sure it wasn't a virus. It was gone when I checked the desktop to "uncorrupt" it. I concluded that it was a file that never existed, the computer is old, so it gets a bit odd at times. So basically,it showed a file that it THOUGHT existed, but really did not.

So it was only a few minutes ago at the time I am writing this, but whatever.

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happy 111!

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