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Comic 112 - Playstation

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25th Oct 2018, 7:06 PM


A couple of weeks ago i was leaving walmart after running some errands for my mom. I was keeping an eye on the car behind cause it was coming down the aisle my car was parked in. Ahead was a truck someone didn't park well and it was sticking out enough i'd have to walk out in the lane to go around it. I looked up to see where the car was like anyone should and i saw apalled me. There was this grimy middle aged balding man in this older red car with the window rolled down. His pants were rolled down too and he was jacking off. After a few seconds he sped off. I reported it to the police and i found out the dude had been caught and was a repeat offender. He's in jail with a hell of a list of carges including a felony charge. Turns out he also exposed himself to a 15 year old girl in the walmart.

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So I wanted a raccoon. I was arguing with my mom, "Get a wild animal permit!" I said, and my mom said, "No!". Then she suddenly said,"People in ice hell want water!" and it took a second to register. We then burst out laughing our butts off and mom quickly corrected herself, but still we laughed. I still think they want hot chocolate more than water, really.

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Back in the 1950s when my father was a boy, his aunt would always give him a gift. 9th birthday: It was a shirt. 10th Birthday: a shirt. 11th birthday: a shirt. So when it was his 12th birthday, he looked into the present his aunt got him and blurted..."Not another damn shirt!" After that, his aunt opted to give him $2 on his birthday instead.

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