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Comic 125 - Eagle

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29th Feb 2020, 3:20 PM


I don't knoe what's better
That his eyebrows detached from his body
Or that I've heard answers like this irl

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One time in my high school gym class we were playing dodgeball. One of the coaches decided to play the game with us, I guess he got a little too enthusiastic, because he hit me in the face with a ball, causing my glasses to fly off. My school used those soft foam balls, so I wasn't hurt, but the coach felt pretty bad about it

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There is such thing as an eagle owl. Though it's the biggest, not the smallest. I'm curious which he interpreted the answer as.

21st Mar 2020, 9:20 PM edit delete reply

When I was in first grade, the neighbor kids killed my cat. I think they did it when I was at school, they were older than me. My dad, a stoic Bulgarian man, picked up her body. I don’t know if he said anything to them, but I remember they avoided me for the rest of the year.
We still have her grave in our yard.

Also I’m sorry I couldn’t figure out how to PM this! I can take this down if it’s disruptive or something.

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