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Comic 34 - Fan Fiction

Fan Fiction
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30th May 2016, 10:25 PM


Ah yes...I've been there.

31st May 2016, 3:57 AM edit delete reply

I'm reminded of a fanfic I tread as a kid where all of Ash's pokemon were killed in battle, brutally and with terrible grammar. There's one line I still remember about Bulbasaur being incinerated leaving almost nothing left. I think I stopped reading fanfics after that for a long time.

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this has nothing to do with this comic but i wanna share this story anyway.
my mom's brother was an alcoholic. i would hear my parents talk about him, and as a kid i knew alcohol=bad, and with all of the anti-drinking propaganda i was exposed to i was terrified of him.
i was at my grandparents' house when he paid a visit. he tried to play with me but i was too scared to talk to him.
he died of alcohol poisoning before i ever saw him again. i didn't even cry when he died. i pretended to cry when my mom told me but i couldn't do it.
the guilt sent me to therapy for weeks. it helped me get over it, but to this day i still lie awake at night thinking about how the last time he saw me i treated him like a monster.

31st May 2016, 8:35 PM edit delete reply

You're a kind person with a big heart to feel the way you do. You were a child and he was an adult. I honestly think your behavior was appropriate. Hell, as an adult I would be uncomfortable. I'm sorry you are haunted by it.

2nd Jun 2016, 7:31 AM edit delete reply

Heh, reminded me how some asshole tried to cash in on "Squidwards suicide" creepypasta, by creating his own version and writing several articles on Spongebob Wiki about this episode, it's killer-author-animator who killed children and snuck their corpse pictures into cartoon. And that guy even made YouTube video with a morbid clip and video showing VHS with whole episode, saying "I'll upload full version if I get 1000 subs". He did it all very well and I believed it totally, scared for life. But all his articles were deleted very fast and "Squidward's suicide" itself of course was proven fake.

4th Aug 2016, 1:19 PM edit delete reply

Slightly related story (feel free to use):

In 6th grade a new girl arrived at our school. She was kind of weird and frumpy but she seemed nice nonetheless. One day I was eavesdropping (just a natural habit of mine) on a conversation she was having with some other girls where she mentioned her social media handle - That obviously meant I had to do some 'research' when I got home, because shamefully enough I derive some joy out of knowing things about my classmates that they don't think I know. Later that year while checking her Google+ account I saw that she had linked to a story she had written herself, but not just any story... It was erotica containing graphic homosexual activity between korean boy band members - written by a 12 year old. The most eerie part about this though is not really the story itself but rather the fact that I'm probably the only person at her school that knows this (assuming nobody else was stalking her Google+ page that far into the year, and as far as I know nobody was following her on Google+ considering it's such an unpopular website). This girl has barely been seen at my school for about a year now and all her social media presence has been completely wiped off the internet - no traces of anything anywhere, even if you search up her full name.

I hope she's okay.

6th Aug 2019, 6:01 PM edit delete reply

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