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Just Kid Stuff
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21st Jun 2016, 10:08 PM


Hi, when I was little, I read this book filled with scary stories. One of them consisted of someone dying. As a child I understood that all people die, but I couldn't rap my head around what happens. It made me upset thinking about all the possibilities. If I would live in eternal darkness alone or if I would be surrounded by lost souls. I started crying because of it. I was so upset, I went downstairs and asked.my mom what happens when you die and she told me a story about a blind man who is able to see in heaven and then sent me on my way. I still couldn't sleep. I could hear my mom telling her friend about what just happened to her friends. She was laughing.

I still sometimes get upset when thinking about this and I'm afraid to go to my mom anymore about it.

24th Jun 2016, 9:17 AM edit delete reply

I have many storys of bad times and thoughts but ill only tell some of them right now. When i was in 4th grade i had a teacher who hated me drawing and asked the kid next to me to smack me whenever he saw me drawing, to this day i want to smack her for trying to stop me from doing what makes me happy.In the 7 grade 2 boys thought i was a boy in drag, or even wearing a mask so him and a buddy of his tried to take my 'mask' off and also tried to take my shirt off too and i punched them in the sides, at that time everybody at the gym saw this and nobody cared or even said anything to a teacher i still think its my fault for not sounding or acting like a girl.
In the 9th grade i had a science teacher who really hated me, she would find anyway to fail me, and told me to look her in the face when shes talking to me, she often would scold me for not doing so as well calling it disrespectful and disobeying what she was telling me what to do, not half way in the year i was diagnosed with aspergers syndrome.
Im 21 and autistic i still live with my parents and dont have a job besides helping around the house and doing my art, i always blame myself for not being normal like other people and having a job and my own home and sometimes i still think about what it would be like if i did go through killing myself. Would my parents have more money and less stress. I think so but ill never tell anyone.

2nd Aug 2016, 4:07 PM edit delete reply

I hope you’re doing better now. I know anonymous advice won’t really help I just wanted to say that it’s not your fault that you’re different, and being different doesn’t mean you’re inferior. You’re still fairly young - you’ve got a whole life ahead of you in which anything could happen. I know you might not think so now, but you can’t predict what the future will bring. Also, at least you make art. Everything you create, no matter how small or how bad you think it looks, makes the world a little better.

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Why do I relate this this do much :(

25th Feb 2017, 7:59 PM edit delete reply

I've been waiting for God to take me since I was 17.
It's been 20 years, and I wonder if He will ever get around to it. My life is better, but the depression hasn't gone away. I'm doing okay, but I just expect all the good things in my life to be ripped from me.

19th Apr 2020, 12:26 AM edit delete reply

I’m sure God answered your prayers, and I’m sure the answer was no.

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