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Comic 43 - No Sleep

No Sleep
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15th Jul 2016, 8:39 PM


There was a huge field next to my elementary school playground, with trees at the far end. It was surrounded by a fence so we couldn't get out, and there was never anyone watching us at recess, so me being me I would always go over to the far end and climb the trees and play with dropped sticks. One day I didn't hear the first bell to come in, and when I heard the second I realized that I would never be able to make it back to the school before the doors (big, heavy painted steel things) closed. I tried anyway. I got there just in time for the doors to shut and lock on my hand.

It took half an hour before anyone bothered to look for me. Afterward, I had to use my left hand to write for months because my right one didn't move properly.

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The face on freddy gave me a good laugh.

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I am able to relate to this so much

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Ghosts and monsters aren't scary
Humans are

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