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Comic 45 - Button

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1st Aug 2016, 7:36 PM


Sounds like an easily scared teacher. Kids do dumb stuff like that all the time without meaning to. I mean, one time sister locked me out of the house, just fooling around. I was still in the enclosed back porch. So after a little while I grab a water bottle and hit it against the glass, because in my mind it's just water, and it'll bounce off. It actually breaks straight through, and my sister's still standing on the other side. No one got hurt though. So I'm assuming this is like that and you probably didn't even think about the button hitting or hurting this kid.

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I am insanely disappointed in this teacher. Like, seriously? You’re scared of a preschooler? You’re taller and stronger and you’re scared of this teeny tiny kid?

Also, the fact that this teacher placed the whole blame YOU. If the teacher was actually doing their job, they would have stopped the kid bullying you. Or if they weren’t around until that kid got hurt, one of the other kids should have seen what happened and vouched for you.

Honestly, it’s amazing how stupid some adults can be.

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