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Comic 54 - Bug

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11th Oct 2016, 3:30 PM


Here is a story. It might be a little wordy, but at least it's not TOO dark. Maybe.

When I was about four years old, my mother told me that some things were made by God, other things by humans. God had made trees and flowers and animals, stuff that was far too fine and complex for humans to make.

I had seen humans make things. For example, I had seen my mother knit socks. They came out rather crude, obviously not god-tier. However, socks sold in shops were impossibly fine, too perfect for humans to make. I figured that things sold in shops must also have been made by God.

Then one day we made candles in the daycare center. We walked in a circle on newspapers and dipped the wick in hot wax when we passed it. My candle came out looking fine, in fact so fine that it could have been sold in a shop.

I was amazed. Humans could make such things, even me! Did this mean that other things I had assumed to have been made by God were also made by humans and I just didn't know how? Which things? Did we even need God to make things? WAS GOD EVEN REAL? Had my mother lied to me about the nature of the universe?

I still don't know. My mother still has that candle.

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Follow-up story:

My mother explained to me about factories. People made factories so that they could make all these fine things that we nowadays had. Factories had been around for only a little while, for most of history they didn't exist.

She showed me a factory from afar, and I saw that it was making a cloud. Clouds came right out of it's chimney, I saw it by my own eyes.

Clouds weren't made by God! Almost all of history had been happening in sunshine, and I had the bad fortune to be born in the time when humanity fucked it all up for fancy trinkets. And GOD DID NOTHING TO STOP IT!

The more I read news about the environment, the more convinced I am that I was right.

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