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Comic 59 - Silverfish

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11th Nov 2016, 10:10 AM



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here's a story!
My mom, who was planning to get married to my dad (who is still married to her today) at the time. But one day she got home from something (It's been a while since I heard the story, ok?) only to see her mom had suicided. Her mom was a bipolar woman, and she suicided by placing a gun into her mouth, the bullet shoot-y end (I don't know what it's called) to the roof of her mouth, and she pulled the trigger. My mom's dad was devastated, and so was my mom. My mom believes she's still in purgatory.

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One late night I heard a relatively loud clicking/crunching noise from the other side of my room. At first I ignored the noise but after a while I went up to my laptop assuming the noises were coming from it overheating or something - but the more I investigated it became apparent that the noise was not coming directly from the computer but somewhere close. When I looked down I saw a rather large black caterpillar squirming around in my triangular sticky bug trap - so that night I had to endure roughly an hour (or more) of loud 'caterpillar-getting-glued-to-death' noises. That night would've sure been better if I hadn't investigated and just assumed it was my laptop - sometimes ignorance is bliss.

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