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Comic 60 - Tough Dad

Tough Dad
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26th Nov 2016, 10:35 PM


You said we could share stories right?
One time my parents took me to visit some old friends. I spent my time in the basement withheirvson who was at least 18 and his friend. He offered tobyeach me pool and I accepted
But he got really close to me and touched me in places
He even got behind me and trapped me against the pool table
He kept saying stuff like you're so beautiful now in my ear and rubbing me
His friend ignored what was happening
When I told my parents as we left they said I should scream if something like that happens again
I didn't understand at the time because I was 12 when this happened, all I know is it made me uncomfortable
Now that I'm old enough to know what happened it bothers me even more
I don't know what's worse though
That that event is likely why I hate being touched by strangers and that I'm weary of guys or that if the adults hadn't been upstairs he would have probably taken it further
And I wouldn't haven't been able to stop him

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Just adding this last thing here, sorry for spelling errors I am typing from my phone

I don't think my parents remember this
And I've never told anyone about this
Not even my family
I've wanted to share it but I'm too damn afraid of being judged for it so I shared it here
Where no one would know it's me

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in 9th grade, i was in medical science. we had a pretty cool teacher. he occasionally went on tangents about different stories he had. in one of them, he was working some sort of construction job, and apparently, a co-worker had hurt himself by using his belly as a platform to drill wood or something. i don't remember exactly why, but the co-worker lifted his shirt up to reveal a ton of scars. he had done this repeatedly, and never leaned his lesson. i loved it when that teacher told stories. (i have other stories like that from him. just say if you'd like to hear more!:D)

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YES please tell more stories of this guy!

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Back in 10th grade we got two cats. Well it was really only one, but my cousin couldnt' take care of the brother of our cat so he came to live with us. The cat we originally got 'James' and his brother that I named 'Kitty-chan' were fun and I loved them.

Eventually James started wanting to go outside and coming home the next day or next two days.

One day he came home with severe injuries. We took him to the vet and they worked on him saying he would be fine. Things just got worse fast and he died late at night. My mom stayed up all night with him the night he died. I could hear her crying in my sleep. I never felt anything. This is the second time out of 3 that someone or something I was close to died and I felt nothing.

This one however, was the one that made me wonder if I was even human at all. I don't think I'm a person to this day. I'm some type of fake.

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It looks like it's alright to share stories, so...

When I was still in elementary school, I think first grade, I used to have these kids that bullied me constantly. They would harass me, call me names and constantly try to get a rise out of me. I tried to ignore them, but no matter what I did, they just wouldn't go away...

Around this time, my parents had just gotten a divorce, and I had been feeling even worse than usual, feeling useless as I couldn't do anything to keep them together. I was playing around at the kickball court trying to make myself feel better, but they showed up again... They started their usual harrassment, but it was harder for me to ignore them. Between the despair I had been feeling and their words, I felt so angry, not just at myself, but at the world around me. It all came to a head when I told them to go away, their "leader" trying to goad me into fighting him. My feelings boiled over and I snapped. I just didn't care... Before he could react, I hit him as hard as I could. I hit him square in the throat, and he collapsed, sitting against a tree while his friends tried to help him. Once that happened, I just walked off, never saying anything else. It felt good for me to finally be able to do something for once in my life...

I got in trouble after that, but ever since then, those kids never bothered me again...

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one time i witnessed my parents physically fighting. i couldn't forget that memory, because of that repeating memory i developed severe depression and ive had it for 9 years.

i went to visit my father (who was divorced) had another girlfriend. each time i visit him i he has a diffrent girlfriend.

i visit my mother too (who was a druggie). they both were 50-60 year olds and they acted like teenagers. i hated both of them and myself. i don't know why myself though.

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I had a strange childhood. I was adopted by my dad and his first wife when I was just over a year old. My first adoptive mom had multiple personalities and there was a lot of traumatic memories with that. Well when I was around eleven or twelve they finally divorced and my dad remarried to my mom now, who adopted me when I was fourteen. She had a lot of anger control problems, which of course were my fault, because as she told me often, she never had those issues before she met me. Nothing I ever did was good enough for her. If we argued she'd get mad at me for being mad, or for being sad. Finally for an argument I just tried to keep my emotions deadpan and neutral. I didn't want to give her any reason to be upset at how I was handling this argument. Apparently that was even worse. She glared at me coldly and then in this low sneering tone said "So... which personality am I talking to now?" It's one of the more vivid memories I have of our arguments, and felt like I was being stabbed through the heart. I had to leave the room before I did something. I don't know what it would have been other than cry or yell, but I didn't want to give her the satisfaction.

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Went through the whole archive. I noticed six comics are missing. 43, 46, 48, 49, 57 and 58.

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I gotta story from when I was in a program last April.

The program was supposed to teach young adults with autism how to live independently.
Yet a lot of these students were bullies.
They made fun of a student who had brain damage.
One day, he made a joke and about 40 students surrounded him, calling him stupid, and one even told him to just kill himself.
He yelled at them to shut up and ran off.
When staff came out the other students told them that he tried to sexually assault some girls.
I told the staff the truth.
I regret just standing there and watching.

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might as well share a story haha

i used to do riding lessons when i was 11. one time i was on a pony being led by my riding instructor and we were passing through a quiet village. we were just riding along when from a near distance we heard what sounded like a young child being savagely mauled by a dog. it sounded horrific, and i even heard the child scream "mummy!", but my instructor didn't do nor say anything. after a minute, the screaming stopped, and the village was quiet again. then my instructor said "must have been a dog attacking a chicken". i swear to god, it was a child.

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Whelp, here goes nothing.

One time, when me and my little brother came back home after staying with our dad for a few days, we couldn't find one of our cats. This wouldn't have bothered us, if the cat hadn't been gone the day before when we came to pick something up.

Our mother wasn't home yet, andI told him that it was probably just a coincidence that we missed our cat both days. But he kept being bothered by it, so I started looking for her, I looked through the shed's window, and saw something fluffy sticking poking out underneath a box.

I walked in and lifted up the box.

It took me almost a minute of staring before I fully realized that I was staring at our cat's corpse.

Our mother came home, smiling, as if nothing was wrong. I told her about the cat. She started crying.

Apparently the cat had been hit by a car three days ago. She wanted to tell us herself and let us have a proper goodbye.

Me and my stephdad silently buried the cat that night. I loved that cat.

The other cat, the sister, has never been the same ever since. She's been a lot more quirky.

And I constantly worry about her whenever I don't know where she is, even if it's only been a minute. I loved both cats.

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Ass the oldest kid in the family I had to take care of my little brother. My parents were discovered so I had to be raised by my grandmother. One day i failed a test at school we even even i tried hard. She got mad and yelled at me my father did the same. My bother onky made it worse. My life git worse and I couldent handle it.. my mom was trying me and my brother to a restaurant. I felt my body shaking feeling so much pain. I couldent breathe. We got out of the car into the restaurant and we sat in our seats. Until I completely chould nit breathe at all....

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Might as well...

I was watching old videos of Howard Stern On Demand and chatting with a friend on Discord. I was listening to his retrospective on Anna Nicole Smith from 2007. When Howard said that the media was calling her Marilyn Monroe, my friend heard him through my mic and freaked out. She said "I swear I see her everywhere!" It was a bit silly at first, considering how famous she was but then my friend told me about the time she slept at a friends house. She went to get a drink. She turns on the lights and she swore she saw Marilyn in the kitchen of her friend's house in a dress looking at her. I thought she was crazy. She wasn't because her friend even saw it, too, she claimed. Marilyn was just standing there, for quite some time until she faded from the kitchen.

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When I was 10 or 11 I can't remember, we had mice so my mom got sticky traps. She put some in the computer room and one time I was in there watching Youtube when suddenly I heard something. A mouse was on a sticky pad and it was still alive and was squeaking and trying to get free. I was terrified and even to this day I still am.

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If you wanna here my story or well two here they are:
1st story:
My grandmother beat me (with a shoe) when i was young/locked me in a dark room and said that a monster would eat me.So idk if that left some scars but ever since i cant sleep in the dark.
2nd story:
When i was like 8 or 10 my grandmother took me to a funeral, it was actually my first time seeing a dead body, i didnt sleep well after that

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