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Comic 64 - Fun Chocolate

Fun Chocolate
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20th Mar 2017, 5:52 PM


Three days after my 17th birthday my grandfather passed away. We were really close, and going to visit him and my grandmother was the only time I was free of my mums physical and mental abuse.
He took the role of a father better than mine had ever even tried to.
H had a heart attack one day, while at the hospital they noticed he had bowl cancer and began treatment, this was all kept from me due to my mental health disorders until they couldn't avoid telling me.
A month later I saw him for the last time, it was my birthday and I ALWAYS saw them on my birthday, I'd often walk through snow and icey roads just so I could see them both.
Everything was normal with my grandmother, she directed me to go see my grandad and I was nervous to say the least.
I would be proven right as I walked in and he was so thin it look as if his skin hanged onto his bones, he was jaundice and barely able to open his eyes.
I rushed out, forgetting to say my usual "I love you" along with giving him the usual hug, I sobbed to my grandmother and then went home and told my sister I thought he'd die that weekend.
He died on the monday, I didn't go back to see him before he passed, I felt guilt like I couldn't imagine.
But then on the day of his funeral my grandmother revealed he thought he hadn't gotten me anythign for my birthday and had tried to call my house phone repeatedly to apologise.
I don't know if the guilt will ever go away.
(sorry that was long as heck, it ended up being more of a vent than a suggestion for a comic, sorry. ^^')

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