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Comic 65 - Sugar Snacks

Sugar Snacks
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29th Mar 2017, 10:02 PM


Just last year my grandpa was in bad condition in a retirement home. My mom called and told me it had gotten worse and to come visit him if I could. After getting lost I manage to make it there. He just layed there unresponsive though the doctor said he could hear us. After talking with him for a bit my parents, the other visiting family and I went out to lunch. Then I returned to college. I guess it was 4-5 hours later when I got another call from my mom.
My grandpa just passed away.
I was devestated.
I guess some part of me was hoping he'd pull through and I refuse to call it false hope that he would but
I don't know
It was after his funeral that it hit me
Had I not been able to visit him that day I would not have been able to talk to him one less time before he was gone. I guess you could call that a sobering thought.

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Last time, not less time
Sorry for typo

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I absolutely adore these comic strips.

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