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Comic 69 - Tony part 3

Tony part 3
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22nd Apr 2017, 8:21 AM


When I was twelve I was put in a rehabilitation facility because I was extremely suicidal.
A couple weeks in a new girl came, a few years older than me. She seemed kind of familiar, but when she saw my really weird last name she said she knew who I was.
She was a girl my older sister had been best friends with in sixth grade.
She came over one time when I was about nine. She seemed like she was really really tired but was trying to hide it.
A few weeks later my sister came home talking about what a bitch this girl was and how she hated her. She never came over again.
It turns out she had an abusive family and became a drug addict at age 13.
I never told my sister. The girl I knew in rehab was a different person than the one she knew in 6th grade.

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Speaking of my sister, I have plenty of stories about her. I fucking hate her.
My sister has always been extremely dramatic but extremely conflict-avoidant, a really horrible combination if you have to be around her a lot. She would be mad about something but wouldn't address it at all until she just took it all out on someone, usually me.
One day on the way home from the school we both went to she started ranting and raving about how I was trying to embarrass her in front of her friends. When we got home I didn't want to argue anymore so I went in my room. My mom followed me, bringing a snack for me, to ask me if I was okay.
My sister came in while we were talking and snapped at my mom to leave. She immediately did, because both of my parents were afraid of being on the receiving end of her tantrums.
She started shouting and screaming at me about how I don't care about anyone but myself, about how I think I know everything and I think everyone likes me more than her even though I'm nothing, I'm just a kid who doesn't fit in. I kept telling her to leave and stop touching my stuff and stop yelling at me, and each time she would just say 'no.'
When she finally left I curled up under my covers and went into a full-blown PTSD episode.
My parents heard all of this and did nothing.
I begged my mom to do something.
What she did was she took my sister shopping and "talked to her" about it.
She never apologized and I stopped talking to her after that.
It's been years and I still don't talk to her. Fuck her.
If you wanna put this in a comic feel free to condense it however you wish.

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A lesson we all have to learn at one point or another....it's just a shame that Roman had to learn it so young, and in such a horrifying way.

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