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26th May 2017, 9:41 PM


Free to use story if you find it interesting.

My mother has always been a kind and intelligent lady. Not much time for me growing up, as both my parents worked full time in exhausting jobs, but they were never anything but kind.

Except one day when I was home sick from school, and much too young to be home alone all day. I'll just say eight years old. I was watching Jerry Springer on the couch with her. The show was still in it's prime years at this time. The episode showed a child coming out to their parents as transgender. As in they wanted to be the opposite sex. It was a clown show as usual, but in the middle of it my mother silently turned towards me and said, "You'd better never tell me anything like that." then turned away to keep watching as if nothing had happened. I said nothing in return. The tone she used hinted she'd dump me in the middle of the desert if I ever did the same.

I would say it haunted me for years, but I was oddly resilient about terrible things as a kid but cried over small things very easily. What my potential sexuality could be, and if it would bug my parents, never really concerned me.

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My mom, dad, and I would visit my great grandmother every thanksgiving when I was little without fail. Of all her grandkids, my mother was the only one who bothered. Great Grandma would cook too much, and we'd hold a mini christmas at the same time. It was too far to drive again for Christmas, so it was logical. She would always act spoiled and ask to open a present early.

I was mostly a shy quiet child. I didn't voice what I was thinking much, and didn't understand the importance of it very well. One year, as we were packing up to leave, I felt the compulsion to voice it. So I waved and cried out to her as we left, "I love you Grannynanny!" She looked taken aback, and asked if I really did. I tilted my head confused and said of course I did. As if it wasn't a thing ever in any doubt. At one point I think she even clutched her chest. As we drove away, my mother was proud and told me what I did meant a lot to her. I didn't really understand, but I silently accepted it as truth.

And yes I called my great grandma GrannyNanny. What of it?

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What a horrible thing for a mother to say to her child. It's a good thing you didn't turn out to be trans, or she'd have fucked you up good. Being trans isn't a choice, the only choice is if you try to hide it or not. Trying to hide it is fucking unhealthy.

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My grandmother never liked my mother. So we would always try really hard to dress me up when I had to visit her. One time my dad was going to go see her and i was supposed to go too. My mom spent hours fiddling with my dress and hair. My dad was getting angier and angier and evetually he left. I pulled away from my mother and chased after him. He drove away as I stood on the sidewalk crying. I didn't even like visiting my grandmother.

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I just discovered your comics and wanted to say you do an excellent job of telling these stories.

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