Bunny Meat

Comic 79 - Swim

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That face

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just remembered something that isn't exactly traumatizing, but I think would make an interesting Bunny Meat story all the same:
When I was in eleven years old, there was a boy I had science class with. During free time we would play chess together, and he'd rub his chess pieces on mine and say the word "Rape" over and over, laughing. I didn't know what rape even was at the time, so I laughed too. He did it whenever we played, and he would grab my arm a lot and make weird flirty comments at me all the time. He asked me to be his girlfriend a lot, too, and I always teased him and said no.
A few months later, I was talking about him, and my mom got worried and asked if she should report him to the school.
It wasn't until then that I actually knew what sexual harassment was.

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