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Comic 88 - Denim skirt

Denim skirt
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8th Dec 2017, 9:56 AM


Since a lot of people tell life stories here I figured I'd do so too. Here goes nothing.

In elementary school I couldn't make friends with anybody in my class, except for a chubby girl who was a straight-A student. In fact I'm not sure if you could ever call that friendship either. From day one she'd break up with me over the stupidest things, only to reunite after 2-3 weeks because she didn't any other friends either. One time she waved to me as she and her grandpa drove by and I didn't notice. Once she brought to school her new, fancy, grey scarf, and when I told her I liked it because it looked "old" she started crying. One time I did... something; to this day I've no clue what it was exactly, but she'd be angry at me for months.

I didn't know what I'd done, but it must've been serious, because every time I'd ask her about it, she'd tell me: "you know exactly what you've done." This was our friendship for about 6 months. We reunited in 5th grade, and for the next 4 years I'd watch as she'd change, like people do in middle school. She became conscious about her body, so she took up swimming and indoor cycling - and she did get thinner, but her overall build didn't improve. She studied dawn to dusk, late into the night, hell her hobby also became studying. She did it even during summer. I think she developed anxiety as well, her movements and gestures became nervous. One time during recess she'd cry to me about getting a B in chemistry. Nobody received an A on that test. She wanted to be a lawyer.

Years later I'm talking to my mom about this and she tells me why my friend got so mad at me, she started working even harder, to a point I consider unhealthy.

I told her she was fat.

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Oh no

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Once when I was in primary school I was scratching my head a lot and my teacher pointed directly at me with a ruler, said my full name, and once I looked up she yelled "Children like you who constantly fidget make me wish we were still allowed to cane students!"
Everyone was laughing at me and looking at me. I had head lice and I had told both my teacher and my mother repeatedly.
I recently told my mum about this and she laughed about it even though I made it clear that this really upset me.

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Did you ever get help for the lice?

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This reminds me of an old joke we used to tell back in elementary school.
Adult (on three separate occasions): "Don't do cartwheels, someone could see your panties"
Adult: *leaves girl alone for a bit for some reason or another*
Girl: *is doing cartwheels*
Adult: "Stop that, someone could see your panties!"
Girl: "Nu-uh, I took them off first."

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